Introducing: Google and T-Mobile’s Android G1 Applications!

Crazy about the new Google/T-Mobile’s answer to Apple’s iPhone? Take a look at what’s inside the Android G1 interface.

The new Google and T-Mobile’s Android G1 already has WiFi, GPS, a touchscreen, an accelerometer, a camera, Gmail, Google Maps, a Webkit-based browser, and an application market, which is basically similar to the iPhone App Store. What’s great is it’s $20 cheaper than the iPhone!

Here are some features:

BreadCrumbz — This creates a route on a map thru pictures of landmarks enhancing the directions.

Cocktail — Enumerate what ingredients you have with you and it can surely give you a list of all the possible cocktails you can create. Yummy!

EcoRio — Nature friendly? This guides you in reducing your carbon footprints.

Krystle II — Remember Tomigochi? This app can be your own pet that you can take care of and stroke, of course using the touch screen.

Photostream — Instant photoblogging thru Flickr. Fantastic!

Pocket Seismograph — Conscious enough of every wave of movement below your feet? Save yourself! 🙂

Quicklist — An excellent organizer!

Ringroid — Create the composer you are, or if you’re a frustrated musician, vent it out here. 😉

ShopSavvy — Not sure of the price of the same item in other stores? This surely comes in handy to compare prices with other stores offering the same commodities. Talking about wise spending!

Text-to-Speech Library — Well, you now have yourself a stenographer inside. 😉

Translate — Can’t understand different accents by different people? Let Google translate it your own language.

And here’s what Google can say about it: