Crackling Sound Occurs on Dell XPS 730

A discussion I found around the Dell community about a crackling sound on a specific Dell XPS computer. Though, I didn’t personally experienced this (that’s because I can’t afford a Dell XPS, hehehehe) this might help you guys ever you’re encountering the same issue. 😉

The audio corruption may occur if the Dell XPS 730 computer have a Creative Labs X-Fi card installed in it. Apparently, the users complaint of crackling sounds that come out of their computers when they move their mice.

The work-around so far is by downloading and installing this: XPS 730-010004 BIOS Update. It’s the version 1.0.4 of the Dell XPS 730 machine. You can check further info on this in Dell’s Community Forum website or Dell’s Support website.

Hope this helps! 🙂


New Audio Driver update for Studio 1535

Dell support released an updated Audio Driver for their Studio 1535 for an ongoing Audio issues complained by a growing number of users. Dell suggests downloading and installing the recently released and Audio driversBIOS version A05 update.

A discussion on Dell’s community forum about the said Audio issues with the new Dell platform, Studio 1535, was answered by Dell liaison who provided the supposed to be fix on the current issue.