About The Technical World

The Technical World is a dedicated technical support archive and support site in personal blog form for both tech-minded and regular computer users.  It collates info generally released by computer hardware and software manufacturers through press releases, community forums, manufacturer updates, RSSs, etc., and re-written, as much as possible, in a more common-user friendly understanding.

The Technical World DOES NOT promote, or in any way, suggest, stereotype, or recommend, a specific computer hardware or software manufacturer but acts only as an open source, accessible, up-to-date technical information reservoir.

The contents of this site is strictly for information purposes only. Any user is permitted to download/copy information for personal purposes ONLY. The Technical World discourages any form of distribution of the contents in this site.


3 Responses to “About The Technical World”

  1. colin smith Says:

    I followed your instructions to enable ahci and turbo cache in my dell inspiron 1720….worked perfectly thanks
    Now on my dell dimension 9200 I have a problem with a micro sdhc usb stick….the pc will not read the stick
    any ideas

  2. simon Says:

    Hi we are looking for content writers for our website..i got your reference from freelancing website…do you offer content writing..reply

    • drottenapple Says:


      Sorry for not getting back immediately to you. I was a bit busy recently.
      I sure would look forward to working with you as a content writer. 🙂


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