The Ever Familiar “svchost.exe” Explained by The Geek!

So it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. Honestly, I needed to give myself a break from all the online working I’ve been doing lately, juggling my time from content and online writing to researching different topics then completing a screenplay almost started to hunting every work-from-home job opportunities to technical work in a technical support environment at the office. Well, anybody who does that kind of job definitely needs a break, agree? 🙂

Okay now, so what do I have for you? Ever wondered what is a svchost.exe and what is it so familiar? I bumped into a kinda-deeply-technical-resource-site-online and I thought the article would be a very nice thing to share.

Svchost.exe, to put it simply, is a service that houses a number of different other service files (*.dll files) that are needed for Windows, and all other applications and software, to run. Since those other service files were already programmed by windows to be *.dll files, there would be no way for them to launch or to execute without a house that can accomodate them and can execute their functionality, hence the creation svchost.exe.

So, for example, if you look at the Services section in your control panel you will notice that there are a number of services required by Windows. They’re actually subdivided and managed into what they call in technical terms the “logical group” so a svchost.exe will be assigned with services that belong to particular logical group. Such that a number of services (which are in *.dll files) related to video and graphics are being run in one svchost.exe and so the process continues with other logical groups.

For a more detailed explanation of this, plus an array of screenshot GUIs, let’s go to The Geek‘s advice and learn together. Happy learning!



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