The History of The Technical World

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on my technical support blog dedicated mainly for a team I handled during my tech support years. I can distinctly remember the last post I made; it was about a recently released Dell Wireless device update I found in Dell’s support website. After that, I got busy with other things that I decided to let the blog go permanently.

Unfortunately, the pandemonium in the technical world of computing is tenaciously impossible to stop even with all the crazy gadgets sprouting everywhere in the globe. As such, the number of commoners so eager to get their hands on one and those having difficulty in understanding them, especially when problems start to torment these innocent regular users, also rise in a flash. Not to mention, the inconvenience of manually mining relevant information for a specific issue or technical info through google since it lists a whole lot of totally unhelpful result sites who only hogs on the idea of “keywording”. I decided to continue this “helpful” deed of compiling all the info I can get my hands on and write them according to how a 5th grade would understand it. Hopefully, I can achieve that. As for now, I’ll continue what I’ve started with my previous technical support site and hope that a lot of people would be happy to visit this site everyday.


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